坚毅坚卓 逐梦未来丨vivogaming都会森林学校中学部2023年秋季运动会纪实




The autumn wind is rustling and the sun is shining brightly;

Perseverance and determination, Pursue dreams for future.


The clear sunshine brings greetings from autumn, and the cold of late autumn cannot stop our burst of passion. On the morning of October 14th at 7:30, the 2023 Autumn Sports Games of the High School Department of Zhengzhou Cstar City Forest School opened grandly. On this passionate day, the students were full of passion, full of vigor, fighting for honor! Let’s review this exciting sports event together!

— 运动会开幕式 —


The national flag fluttered in the wind, and the cheers echoed all over the sky.


Amidst the solemn national anthem, the 2023 Autumn Sports Meet of the High School Department of Cstar City Forest School was solemnly opening! The students of the National Flag Team walked into the venue with their heads held high, demonstrating the vitality and high fighting spirit of the forest students!


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Guoxing, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Cstar Education Technology Group, and president of Cstar City Forest School, delivered an opening speech for the sports meet.


Firstly, Principal Zhang expressed his congratulations on the convening of this sports meeting and heartfelt gratitude to the teachers who prepared for the meeting!


Principal Zhang said, “The prosperity of the country and the prosperity of sports”. The level of physical education is a reflection of the comprehensive educational strength of a school, and Cstar, with a great educational mission, needs first-class physical education. The grand convening of the sports meet is a concentrated display of our school’s sports work and student quality, as well as a grand review of the spiritual outlook, competitive awareness, and team spirit of teachers and students.


Then he talked about the two major sections:sports and learning. Principal Zhang hopes that students can fully unleash their natural instincts and freely bloom themselves at the sports meet, thus shaping a good sports atmosphere and cultivating good exercise habits among forest students! There is a sentence in the Forest Convention hanging on the basketball court: Let sports promote better improvement in academic performance.


Finally, President Zhang issued a call, hoping that the majority of forest students can vigorously promote the sports spirit of “higher, faster, and stronger”, strive tenaciously, compete bravely, compete for excellence, and create style. With every confident jump, passionate run, and sunny smile on the sports field, we can play the magnificent music of forest school’s struggle and progress together!


Xing Yunshuo from Class 5 of Grade 2 gave a speech as a representative of the athletes.


Judge Qin Bingbing, representing all the judges, took the oath


Moral Education Director Zhang Chunping read out the rules for evaluating spiritual civilization


Sun Lihong, the principal of the High School Department of Cstar City Forest School, announced the official start of the autumn sports meet!


Under the sky, a sharp edge is exposed, and the momentum is unstoppable. With the burst of loud cheers, the 2023 Autumn Sports Games of the Cstar City Forest School High School Department was grandly opening!


— 精彩瞬间 —


The starting gun sounded, and the participating team members of all grades rushed towards the finish line like arrows, with athletes like swallows on their feet and bodies like rainbows. Some walked as fast as flying, far ahead; Some were slightly inferior, but they were eager to catch up; some might fall behind but remained unwavering, tenacious and relentless in pursuit.


The women’s 800 meter and men’s 1000 meter races are both a combination of speed and perseverance, as well as the relay of hope and perfect . Especially in the second half of the race, time seemed to solidify on the track, and for athletes, minutes and seconds became so long. However, the momentum of the youth is fearless. As they strived to cross the finish line, the whole world cheered for them.


In the long jump competition, forest athletes rose into the air, like flying swallows or soaring eagles. The athletes stood outside the approach line, hunched over, and clenched their fists in both hands, with their eyes fixed on the front. They took a big stride and ran at a faster and faster pace, reaching the pedals. They made a strong leap and stretched their legs forward, creating an arc in the air, landing in the soft sand. The highly athletic competition attracted cheers from the onlookers.

—颁奖仪式 —


Dangui fragrance bathes in glory, shedding sweat to obtain joy. At this autumn sports meet, the forest students showed their charm and gained a lot with their sweat. Principal Zhang Guoxing and Principal Li Hongxun from the high school department presented awards to the students.


At the closing ceremony of the sports meet, Principal Li Hongxun first affirmed “the level, style, sportsmanship, and excellent results of the autumn sports meet”, congratulating the outstanding athletes who won the awards, especially pointing out the students who set school records in multiple individual sports events. Secondly, Principal Li encouraged students through this sports meeting that the body is the home of the spirit. Only with a strong physique and abundant energy can we ensure the strength of our spirit, and that you are now outstanding learners, outstanding builders in the future, and ultimately winners in life. Life is like a competition field, always requiring hard work. Only those who are not afraid of competition and are good at competition can smile and stand out.


The certificate is written with sweat, and the medal is a medal of hard work. The exciting award ceremony brought a complete conclusion to this cohesive and passionate sports event.


Kunpeng leaped into the sky, and a swan spread its wings on the blue clouds.


This sports meeting has carried forward the spirit of forest students’ perseverance and demonstrated the grandeur of their youth. Heading high and striding forward bravely, with a strong physique, the forest students’ youthful aspirations are as majestic as the sun. They travel thousands of miles without asking about the west and east!





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